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Puppet Making Workshops

Whether following a Drawbridge puppet show or just by itself, a puppet making workshop will provide any group with more knowledge of puppets.  A simple, fun approach to creating puppets will enhance the creativity and imaginations of all who participate.  It is preferred to limit each workshop to no more than 30 children.  Each workshop is designed to run a minimum of 30 minutes. We provide all the materials.

Cost for one puppet making workshop at the Drawbridge Theater - $60.00 (Price includes all materials)

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WORKSHOP 1 - Make a Paper Plate Stick Puppet
Choose from any of the workshops below.
WORKSHOP 2 - Make a Butterfly or Dragonfly Finger Puppet
Children choose from either a blank butterfly or dragonfly template. They then design and decorate their own puppet's wings and face. By inserting a finger in the back of the puppet, it can magically come to life, flapping its wings and flying through the air.

Weather permitting, the children
can even fly their puppets through
the theater gardens following the workshop.

A simple but classic workshop. Kids
are able to let their imaginations run
wild and create a colorful stick puppet using paper plates and other included supplies.

At the conclusion of the workshop
each child is encouraged to display
their puppet to the others; including coming up with a name and voice for their puppet creation.
WORKSHOP 3 - Make a Fluorescent Fish or Shark Stick Puppet
Children choose either a blank fish template...
... or a shark template
They decorate it using a combination of fluorescent and non-fluorescent materials.
We then attach a control stick to the base, turning their fish or shark into a stick puppet.
At the conclusion the children are able to show their puppet beneath a black light and see their final creation glow in vivid colors.