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Whalom Park
For a Whale of a Time!
(on DVD)

You will never forget it.
Relive the rides, games and entertainment
that Whalom Park provided it's patrons for over 100 years + video of the park at night with lights and sounds!

Whalom Park ceased to exist in October, 2006 when the entire park was destroyed by tractors that tore down buildings, games, center stage, concession stands, roller-rink, the Comet roller-coaster, and lastly, the Carousel building.      Photos taken by Paul L'Ecuyer - October 2006
Whalom Park ~ For A Whale of a Time!  
(57 minutes of memories) on DVD
Produced and Directed by Paul L'Ecuyer
(Entertainment Director at Whalom Park from 1980-1989)
DVD includes early Whalom Park history
The hurricane & tornado of '38, the fires,
Video clips of shows and entertainment including...
Puppet and marionette shows at Whalom's Kiddie-land
and Starshine Theater,   Circus and novelty acts
Character photo's and video
(Super Chick, Silly Savage and Simon Looney Bear,
Wally Whalom and Barnaby the strolling puppet theater)
The rides and games - both day and night-time video
The Comet roller coaster, Tumble-Bug and other great rides
Whalom's Fourth of July Fireworks
The closing of Whalom in 2000, and the eventual destruction in 2006
PLUS 35 minutes of unedited video of the park prior to opening.

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A note from the director of "Whalom Park ~ For A Whale of a Time"
Since producing the dvd on Whalom Park, (of which hundreds of orders were processed from all around the country) I have also received hundreds of calls, emails, and folks stopping by to share their thoughts and memories of the wonderful times they had at the park. First loves, first dates, first jobs - so many stories, so many memories...
Please email us with your memories of Whalom Park.  Or if you have any photos, video, etc. we will be happy to post them on our Whalom Park Memorial website.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories with us, and purchased a DVD.
The memories of Whalom Park will always stay with us. 
Paul L'Ecuyer
What happened to Whalom Park??

Whalom Park closed after the '2000 season, and after 107 years in operation, remained closed.  The rides were sold as was anything not permanently fixed to the ground.  In 2006 the property was purchased by a development Corp.  A multi-million dollar, 240 unit condominium complex is presently  being constructed.  Read the entire article here:

Soon 240 families will call 'Emerald Place' their home - but hopefully they will already know or learn that this wonderful spot of land was once called 'Whalom Park', where hundreds of thousands of families came to have a 'Whale of a time!'  Share with everyone the memories of Whalom Park by visiting our memorial website by clicking here:
You can still order your very own "Whalom Park ~ For a Whale of a Time" DVD - More than an hour of video taken when Whalom was at it's prime.  Scroll down for more info.