(Currently only the titles
  in the list below are available
          for traveling shows.)

(Choose either 2 titles from this list...)

15 - 20 minute shows
Chicken Little (Hand Puppets)
The Three Pigs (Hand Puppets)

(...or 1 from this list.)

30 - 40 minute shows
Little Red Riding Hood (Marionettes)
Pinocchio (Marionettes)

Santa & The Christmas Trolls (Marionettes)
With a unique and humorous brand of puppetry, the Drawbridge Puppet and Marionette Theater provides an entertaining as well as educational experience using original scripts and songs. The stage, puppets, marionettes, scenery and props are constructed by the puppeteers themselves.  We travel within a 75 mile radius of Lunenburg, MA to schools, libraries, day cares, churches, community events, fairs and more. Each production lasts approximately 50 minutes and concludes with an 'Art of Puppetry' demonstration, explaining the many techniques used in manipulating marionettes and puppets. If time permits, a Q & A session is also included. The Drawbridge Puppet Theater is completely self contained with stage, lighting and sound.  We also provide puppet-making workshops, which allow the perfect 'hands-on' activity for all involved. 
All ages enjoy the performances by the Drawbridge Puppets.  For comfort in viewing, it's preferred that a maximum seating capacity be limited to 200 people per show. Additional performances should be planned according to expected number in audience.

Our traveling shows are available for indoor venues only.
(We do not perform outdoors.)
Stage Requirements

(Please note that our size requirement is very important. Measure your space to make certain our stage will fit within your space.)  An electrical outlet near the set and a darkened room or hall will provide best results.  It's also recommended that any other activities planned; (food, prizes, etc.) be conducted after performances only.  For fairs or festival planners, it is essential that set-up location is placed away from noisy attractions. (Indoor location only)  Stage set-up area should  be free and clear of debris.  A spot allocated for a standard van to park and unload with close proximity to set-up area is most helpful. It takes approximately 2 hours to unload and set up our stage; and roughly an hour and a half to take down.

A flat, clean set-up space of 7' height, width of 12', and depth of 10' is absolutely necessary for any hand puppet production. There should be no obstruction of lighting etc.

A flat, clean set-up space of 9' height, width of 18', and depth of 11' is absolutely necessary for any Marionette production. There should be no obstruction of lighting etc.

Our rate for a Drawbridge Theater Hand Puppet Show           $375.00
Our rate for a Drawbridge Theater Marionette Show $425.00
Each additional show  (Same title)                                   $150.00

(There's an extra Mileage Fee for any location
beyond a 40 mile radius of Lunenburg, MA.)

Have you considered a Field Trip to our theater:  $250.00

Or a birthday party at the Drawbridge Theater:     $250.00

Contact us today to reserve your date and time!

Drawbridge Puppet Theater & Productions
1335 Massachusetts Avenue
Lunenburg, MA  01462
Phone: 978-582-1578
Drawbridge Puppet Theater
Side view of marionette stage
We'll come to You!
Our Traveling Show Stage (Front View)