The Racketty-Packetty
Doll House Museum
Mr. Hosmer's home was filled with numerous and fascinating things from the past: antique toys, games, books, and lots and lots of doll houses.  In fact, it was rather difficult walking around without seeing another one of these miniature architectural treasures. While many were donated to the museum from folks who no longer had any use for them, Herbert bought most of them.  In fact, he spent thousands of dollars in the restoration and re-creation of miniature furniture and life like portrait dolls who lived inside of them.  Herbert was highly respected among other collectors of miniatures, especially the 'Tynie-Toy' Society, of whom he was a founding member.  His pride and joy was the house (last 4 photos) named the 'Parsons-Chandler' house.  A dollhouse he salvaged from his ancestral past, and had it restored to an exact replica of how the house may have appeared in the 1700-1800's in Boston.
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