Ticket Cards may be purchased at the Drawbridge Puppet Theater; or online by using the order form below.
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$25.00 Card - Good for 5 tickets. (A $35.00 value. That's a savings of $10.00)  
$50.00 Card - Good for 11 tickets. (A $77.00 value. That's a savings of $27.00)
$75.00 Card - Good for 18 tickets. (A $126.00 value. That's a savings of $51.00)
Willy the Wizard has gone completely bananas! He's insisting on ending 2019 with a huge offer of discounted tickets for all our puppet show fans. This is the only time all year these                savings will be offered. Ticket packages are available in the following denominations:

The more you buy, the more you save.  It's completely

These ticket cards are good for any member in your party you bring, whether family or friend. If you have no need for tickets yourself, consider buying them for others. They make great holiday gifts and birthday presents.

This sale will continue until December 31st. So don't miss out. Cards will be honored at any public puppet show between January 1st and December 31st, 2020. So do yourself a favor and save some money this coming year. You deserve the break - and it'll make Willy very very happy.
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