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Drawbridge Theater puppet shows have gone DIGITAL! That's right, full-length MP4 videos of each of our puppet shows will become available over the coming months and able to be purchased online. These can then be sent to your email at no extra cost. Now you'll be able to watch our popular family shows right from the comfort of your home, whether on your computer, tablet, smart phone or smart TV. You can even burn the file onto a disc and watch it on your DVD player if you prefer.

These are the complete versions, just as you'd see them in our theater.  All the magic! All the jokes! All the songs! All the fun! It's a great opportunity to catch the shows you've missed, or collect your favorite ones. They also make a great choice for movie night with your children, grandchildren, family and friends. The list of currently available shows is below. Make sure you check back every month to see which shows have been added.
The shows listed below are available. These are full-length shows just as you'd see them at our puppet theater in Lunenburg. They're in crystal-clear MP4 format with our best audio. Each show is split into separate files for each scene. This allows you to more easily find your favorite section, and also enables us to email the files directly to you through WeTransfer with no shipping or handling costs added on. Your MP4 copy will be sent out within 24 hours of us receiving your payment. You'll be notified of its arrival by WeTransfer and have 7 days to download it. Once downloaded you can move it and view it on any digital device you'd like, or even burn it onto a DVD. We recommend making at least one backup copy of each file as we can only email your purchase once at the original cost.
THE RUNAWAY FRIED DOUGH MAN: (Hand puppets & Rod puppet) Based on the famous tale of the Runaway Gingerbread Man, this version was written and produced in the 1990s for Whalom Park, the former amusement park in Lunenburg, MA.
The puppets displayed in this video are the authentic ones used in those original Whalom Park performances.

  LENGTH: 10:30    COST: $7.00   FORMAT: MP4 (1 scene, 1 file)
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AESOP'S FABLES II: (Hand puppets, Marionette & Shadow puppets) The famous fable-teller Aesop returns along with his chipmunk sidekick Chippy for more wisdom and whimsy. This production includes the fables "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," and "The Alien & The Acorns."

  LENGTH: 18:00    COST: $10.00   FORMAT: MP4 (2 scenes, 2 files)

WILLY'S HALLOWEEN PARTY: (Marionettes, hand & shadow puppets) Willy the Wizard decides to throw a big Halloween party for all his puppet friends. Among the numerous fairy tale characters attending are three guests (the witch, Rumpelstiltskin, and Cinderella's stepmother) who scheme to ruin the party for their own mischievous delight. Willy, of course, saves the day (and the party) in the end. An original story.

  LENGTH: 36:17    COST: $15.00   FORMAT: MP4 (4 scenes, 4 files)
THE THREE PIGS: (Hand puppets) This classic tale tells the story of three brother pigs who leave home to find their way in the world. First thing on their list they must provide shelters for themselves, ones that can hold up to nature's challenges - such as the huffing and puffing of the Big Bad Wolf. In doing so the pigs learn the timeless lesson of building things to last, rather than just for the moment.

  LENGTH: 18:30    COST: $10.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (2 scenes, 2 files)
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RAPUNZEL: (Marionettes, hand & shadow puppets) The classic fairy tale of a young woman with long golden hair named Rapunzel, who's locked in a high tower by an evil witch determined to keep the poor girl as her servant. When Frederick, a young merchant's son, wanders by and overhears Rapunzel singing, events are set in motion which lead to Rapunzel not only discovering true love, but a way of escaping the selfish witch's control.

  LENGTH: 36:34    COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (3 scenes, 3 files)
THE NUTCRACKER: (Marionettes & shadow puppets) Our version focuses on the E. T. A. Hoffmann story that serves as the foundation of the popular holiday ballet: from young Clara first receiving the wooden Nutcracker as a gift, to the exciting Christmas Eve battle with the Mouse King, to the imaginative and humorous back-story that takes the viewer into the royal palace of Princess Pirlipat and the nutseller's shop in Candytown. One of our largest productions, this will delight young and old.

  LENGTH: 32:10    COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (3 scenes, 3 files)
THE THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF: (Marionettes, hand & shadow puppets) After inviting his mother over to see his new home beneath a bridge, a bumbling troll finds himself having to prepare her requested meal - billy goat stew! The only problem: getting a nice, juicy billy goat to add to his recipe! Told with a touch of music and a heaping dose of humor.

  LENGTH: 20:15    COST: $10.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (1 scene, 1 file)
THE FROG PRINCE: (Hand & shadow puppets) After a handsome prince is turned into a frog by a troublesome witch, he must convince a passing princess of his true identity in order to overturn the wicked spell. This famous tale of a broken promise is told with humor and music, and of course ends happily for all.

  LENGTH: 15:30    COST: $10.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (2 scenes, 2 files)
SLEEPING BEAUTY (Marionettes, hand & shadow puppets) This beloved tale of romance and adventure has been retold for generations - and for good reason.
It follows the story of Brier Rose, a beautiful young princess, who after incurring the wrath of an evil fairy falls into an enchanted sleep. The only way she can be awoken is by a kiss from a handsome prince. Upon arriving at Brier Rose's tower chamber, this prince finds his way blocked by an evil dragon. Can the prince defeat the dragon and rescue the sleeping princess?

  LENGTH: 32:15    COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (4 scenes, 4 files)
PINOCCHIO (Marionettes, rod & shadow puppets)
Perhaps the most famous marionette story of all time, this classic tale follows the adventures of a wooden marionette who magically comes to life and must learn valuable lessons about right and wrong before he can achieve his goal of becoming a real flesh and blood boy. Songs, humor and suspense help tell the story and bring it to its heartwarming conclusion.

  LENGTH: 36:54    COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (6 scenes, 6 files)
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: (Marionettes & shadow puppets) Presented here is the famous story of a young girl bringing a basket of goodies to her dear grandmother's cottage deep in the woods.  Along the way she meets a sneaky wolf who convinces her to stray from the forest path, giving the wolf a chance to arrive at the cottage first and put into place his dastardly plan.  All ends happily though for Little Red and her grandmother as a funny twist ending teaches the wolf a lesson he'll never forget. Humor and songs enhance this marionette production.

  LENGTH: 24:22    COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (3 scenes, 3 files)
THE CHINESE NIGHTINGALE: (Marionette & shadow puppets) Based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale, this show tells the story of a Chinese emperor who, while possessing much wealth and power, discovers - with the assistance of a helpful little bird - that he has much to learn about the even more valuable riches of nature.

  LENGTH: 22:07    COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (4 scenes, 4 files)
PETER RABBIT: (Hand, shadow & rod puppets) The beloved Beatrix Potter tale is presented and expanded upon in this melodious pop-opera version; filled with vivid scenes and colorful characters. Not only do you meet rabbits, radishes and cunning cats - you hear them sing too! One of our most fun-filled shows, with a valuable message about respecting each other's belongings.

  LENGTH: 34:29    COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (3 scenes, 3 files)

ZOMBIELOCKS: (Hand & Shadow puppets) Be warned: this is one of our puppet shows for grownups. This hair-raising production is a comedy-horror spoof about a hungry little girl; and features a large cast of hand and shadow puppets. Based on the premise that puppet shows aren't just for children, this adult production has allowed Drawbridge to steer its artistry and humor into new areas. In this case it's ravenous zombies, crazed activists and headless pets.

  LENGTH: 43:37    COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (3 acts, 3 files)
THE ADVENTURES OF PERSEUS: (Marionette, hand & shadow puppets) Based on the myth from Ancient Greece, this thrilling tale follows the adventures of the youth Perseus as he outwits diabolical witches, battles sea serpents, and confronts the legendary Medusa - an evil creature whose very eyes can turn her opponents to stone. He even finds time to rescue a beautiful princess. One of our most exciting shows!

  LENGTH: 30:45     COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (5 scenes, 5 files) 
SANTA & THE CHRISTMAS TROLLS: (Marionettes & Shadow puppets) This all-original marionette production tells the tale of two toy-making trolls who hope Santa Claus will take their toys with him on Christmas Eve. However, as in years past, Santa finds the troll toys not as appropriate as his elf toys. The jealous trolls hatch a plan to leave Santa no choice but to take their toys...but will their scheme be foiled?

  LENGTH: 24:10    COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (4 scenes, 4 files)
AESOP'S FABLES: (Hand puppets & shadow puppets) Join Aesop, the famed Ancient Greek storyteller, and his sidekick Chippy the Chipmunk, as they explore three of his most enduring fables: The Lion & The Mouse, The Grasshopper & The Ant, and The Tortoise & The Hare. Music and humor combine with colorful characters to offer an entertaining treat, each fable of course concluding with a wise moral that both the young and old can learn from. A perfect choice for school groups!

  LENGTH: 36:45     COST: $15.00  
  FORMAT: MP4 (3 scenes, 3 files)