Drawbridge Puppet Theater is currently looking for a performance space for our public puppet shows and private birthday parties. We're not looking to rent by the month, but rather for specific days and times. Our present expectation is to perform Public Shows the second and fourth weekends of each month; and private Birthday Parties as they're booked.

There are specific requirements necessary in order for us to use the space.
These are:
*A quiet area that can also be darkened (at least partially) during performances.
*Room to fit a stage that measures 10' in height, 18' in width, and 11' in depth.
*In addition to the stage, space to accommodate an audience of at least 50 people.
*Rest room facilities
*Heat and AC
*Parking spaces for 25 to 30 vehicles.
*Affordability: the cost would need to be within a range that allows our business to make a reasonable profit.
*Availability by September 1st, 2023.

Drawbridge Puppet Theater has been in business for 31 years. We've accumulated a loyal following and a solid artistic reputation. By providing a performance space for our family puppet shows you'll not only have a tenant that is reliable and responsible, but one that provides your establishment with quality entertainment, positive publicity, and genuine community goodwill. And for those venues, in particular, that serve food or refreshments (pizza, snacks, ice cream etc.) we can guarantee a theater full of hungry, happy customers.

To our friends and fans, your help in this pursuit would be most welcome. Please share this page widely. If you know of a space that might be suitable, let us know. It could be extra space in a restaurant, a club or a church. It could be a function hall, auditorium, or banquet room not being fully utilized. As long as it meets the above requirements, it could be considered. Any correspondence on this topic should be kept private by contacting us through one of the options below. Thank you so much. We never would have made it this far without you. Together may we prove successful in this search for Drawbridge Theater's new home.

Drawbridge Puppet Theater
Phone: 978-582-1578