Not only was Mr. Paul the founder of Drawbridge Puppet Theater, he was its heart and soul; and Mr. Jeff and the rest of the staff will do their best to keep his vision and spirit alive.
Paul L'Ecuyer: 1959 - 2012

To all my friends, big and small:

I wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support over these past 37 years in my journey as a puppeteer. Without you it never would have happened. Hearing your laughter and applause, and seeing your happy smiling faces, made each day a joy. I treasure every moment, now more than ever. May you keep smiling and laughing, and remember what Willy the Wizard taught me many years ago -  always remember to look on the bright side and give yourself a nice round of applesauce.

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Drawbridge Puppet Theater has meant so much to our family.  Every time our grandchildren visit they want to go to Drawbridge for a puppet show. We thank you for the wonderful entertainment and sensitivity to children over the years. We wish you well in your journey. All the best.

Ann Corbey and family       8/27/2012
You have brought so many children and their parents joy through your wonderful productions.
John and I thank you for your time entertaining at Whalom Park and for the special times with our grandchildren.

Best wishes,
Beth Bowen         8/27/2012
My daughter's father called me this morning to tell me the very sad news and I literally teared up in the car.  You put on such a wonderful show - my daughter and her dad would faithfully go every other weekend to see the shows and loved them all equally.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work over the years, it is appreciated more than you could ever imagine.  You will be very sorely missed!  :-(

Deb         8/27/2012
Dear Paul,
  I was moved by your note, and am so sorry to hear you are bringing your journey with puppets to a close. We met, oh, it seems a thousand years ago, when you were working with Herbert Hosmer in Lancaster -- I had a wonderful day visiting the museum, chatting with Mr. Hosmer, and seeing one of your delightful productions; then reviewed it all (glowingly) for the now extant Harvard Post. After that, I brought my British mother-in-law (a devotee of children's books, puppetry, and all things antique, unique, and inventive), and returned often with my own children. More recently, I have been waiting for my granddaughter to come of age to attend your enchanting productions. She will be two this September, and I had thought, At last, she is finally ready for the magic of puppetry. I only hope you know how much you will be missed, and how large a contribution you have made to the imaginative lives of so many (big and small). A friend who has been bringing her grandchildren to Drawbridge for years has often told me of their (grownups and children alike) delighted absorption.
   Thinking of you and the great artistry of puppetry and gift of storytelling you have brought to the Lilliputian stage.

Kathryn            8/27/2012
I am truly sad to see the "Puppet Theater" close. I loved getting your messages and to hear about the shows from your wonderful website.

You have delighted so many people, young and old, and we thank you for all your work in giving us so much enjoyment. As an old friend of Herb Hosmer's from Lancaster, MA, I hate to see it close. He is the one who introduced me to the world of puppeteering. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that it may somehow continue in the future.

Ann Meehan        8/27/2012
My 5 year old niece LOVED The Nutcracker last winter when she was visiting.  She still talks about the visit to the puppet theater.  Thank you for making her visit so fun!  (By the way, all of the adults loved it too!)
Maura Lizek          8/28/2012
I am sorry to hear illness is the problem.  I wish you everthing good to happen.  I have always enjoyed bringing my grandchildren to your shows.  God bless.

Joan Daigle           8/31/2012
I have a picture of my son as a prince from a puppet show a few years ago... we use it every day as a mouse pad!! Thank you!! And our good thoughts and prayers to you!!

Karen Strickland      8/31/2012
Your events have meant so much to our family and we thank you for all the wonderful memories.  The Starr and Ayles Family :-)

Joyce A Starr          9/01/2012
I regret never having the opportunity to see one of these magical shows. I hope there's a way to continue the work in Paul's honor. Maybe someday I can come and see what so inspired him. I know he'll be missed.

Marc            9/01/2012
Dear Paul,

I have the best memories from Drawbridge Puppet Theater because of you. You are always so kind and caring, I will treasure my memories of you forever. My sixth birthday (Princess party theme) was the best one of them all. I felt like I was in an enchanted castle in fantasy land. You and Willy the Wizard made me feel very special and I had a lot fun and laughs, along with my family and friends.

I heard the news of your illness and feel very sad. I want to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You and Willy will always have a special place in my heart. I have always enjoyed your Puppets shows, all of them are amazing. Thank you for making my childhood memories one of a kind. To me you are the best Puppeteer in the whole wide world. I love you and God bless you!!!



P.S I will always look on the bright side and give myself a round of applesauce!!! Thanks

Brianna Coppinger          9/02/2012
Very sad news - we only went here once but it was a wonderful, very memorable experience. Paul seemed like very nice, genuine person who loved kids.

Kristy Bouley         9/03/2012
Dear Uncle Paul,
I will have so many memories of you and Uncle Jeff at the Drawbridge theater. I will especially remember when i went to visit with my friend, Kathryn, and you performed The Adventures of Perseus! That was one of my favorite shows. I will not just have memories at the theater, but as a family. Thank you so much for all you've done, all the love you've shown, and all the smiles you've made. And for that, i (and all my family, my mom, my dad, and oreo and cookie -the guinea pigs, too) will give you the largest round of applesauce in the world. We all love you. Me especially.

Emily - imaginer, reader, writer, architect, dancer, singer, actress, violinist, flutist, half-pianist, artist, mountain mover, and according to you, the sweetest girl in the world.              8/30/2012

Jim, Patrick and I knew  you for only a short time, but you left such a lasting memory in our lives. So very glad that our grandchildren had the opportunity to enjoy the magic that was you and your wonderful puppets. We will never forget the fabulous"Adults Only" halloween party at the theater a couple of years ago. May you rest in peace my friend.
      Cathy,Jim and Patrick

P.S.  Jeff, we will be rooting for you, and hope that you will find a way to carry on the Drawbridge Magic!!!

Cathy + Jim McWilliams           09/03/2012
So sorry to learn this sad news. The Drawbridge Theater holds a special place in my family's heart!

Nicky L           09/03/2012
Nashoba Brooks School of Concord, MA will miss visiting with you every spring.  Our fifth graders always had a fabulous experience watching your marionette puppet plays, having studied puppetry the entire year.  They loved the Q and A, but most importantly, the reality of puppetry as a profession fascinated them.  Thank you for your contributions to the art form and may the Drawbridge Puppet Theatre continue its tradition of bringing wonderful entertainment to children young and old.

Rachelle Vachon         09/04/2012
My daughter has spent many a Sunday morning at the Drawbridge Theater.  She enjoyed her adventures at the castle and will miss these times.  As will her Mom. Not many people get to touch so many hearts and create so many memories.  My sincere thanks.

The Coppola Family         09/04/2012
My ten-year-old son and I were delighted to watch Jack and the Beanstalk at the Drawbridge Puppet Theater. I knew Paul's mentor Herbert Hosmer, and I was so pleased that he was keeping Herbert's puppeteering vision alive, and the Drawbridge Puppet Theater clearly provided children with wholesome entertainment. I was taken with Paul's commitment to the art of puppetry, and my big regret is that I did not have the time to get to know him better.

Laura Wasowicz
Curator of Children's Literature
American Antiquarian Society          09/04/2012
I was so sad to hear your news--and dread telling my daughter. We have seen a number of shows over the last 4 years.  It is not a short ride from Stow, otherwise we would have seen more.  I am  sorry to hear that illness is the reason that you are closing and hope things work out for you.  I remain hopeful that the theater will reopen.

Claudia Schmitt                09/05/2012
Paul was a very dear and close friend since childhood.  He had a special gift, and that was to make people laugh.  He never said "no" to a friend in need.  His talents are now with God and His angels.  May you rest in peace Paul. Never far & Never Forgotten!

Brenda (Marien) McDermott         09/06/2012
I was so sad to hear of Paul's passing.  We were good friends for many years.  I wrote a story about him in my weekly column.  He was such a compassionate human being.  Paul was one in a million.  May you rest in peace, dear friend.

Yvonne Lancaster
Leominster, MA                09/06/2012
So sad to read of Paul's passing. I had hoped to get my grandchildren there one more time this summer. I have a very found memory of my grandson Adam being selected for king. Paul made him feel So special and lucky even though he was the only boy with the only ticket in the boys bucket that day. A wonderful photo! The children also loved wandering around your lovely grounds that you so generously shared. I had the pleasure of bringing my sons to Mr. Hosmer's puppet shows in Lancaster and was so happy to be able to share your magic with our grandchildren. Thanks for the memories!

Carol Moquin             09/07/2012
We are shocked and dismayed to hear of Mr. Paul's passing. Our family has years of happy memories and pictures of attending your theater and exploring the garden.  Mr. Paul was a blessing to our community and the talent and generousity that he shared with my family will never be forgotten.

Amira, Bob, Mina & Noah Montgomery
Leominster, MA

Amira Abdul-Rauf          09/08/2012
RIP Mr. Paul... I have been bringing my own children to see you both since they were small-they are now 19,26 & 27..this past spring I introduced you to my 2 grandchildren who came to see you for the very 1st time. You were so happy to see a 2nd generation,Mr. Paul. You also performed for the school that I work at, Blanchard Memorial Extended day program,many times thru the years,including last spring. You will truly be missed....  :(

Wendy W.              09/08/2012
Thank you...thank you...thank you...for the love and joy you shared with us...You certainly left us smiling...So sorry to hear of your passing...So blessed we were to have you and Drawbridge in our lives...God must have needed a puppeteer...Our family sure enjoyed our times with you... Brad,Hannah,Sage,Jade,Drake & Pierce and the Wyatt family...

Barbara W           09/09/2012
Paul was a remarkable soul full of kindness, talent, generousity and humble, steady enthusiasm.  I first met him while visiting his mentor, our mutual friend Herb Hosmer of Toy Cupboard Theatre fame.  Later, after Herb's passing in 1995, it became my delightful privilege to become friends with Paul too.  He and Jeff helped keep Herb's puppetry legacy alive via their wonderful Drawbridge Puppet Productions and Theater.  It is my prayer that Paul may rest in peace and Jeff may find a way to keep the dreams alive.  Paul shall be missed and remembered fondly.

John C. Schumacher-Hardy        09/10/2012
We have wonderful memories of times spent at the Drawbridge Puppet Theater! My daughter and her cousin loved the shows, and we all enjoyed the beautiful, magical gardens. Thank you with all our hearts for sharing your talents with us, Paul! Bless you on your journey.

The Goff family          09/11/2012
We are very sad and sorry with the sad news of Mr. Paul passing away.  We loved his shows and everything about that little puppet theater.  My children always enjoyed going there, and my 6 year old son still talks about his 3rd birthday party, about Pinocchio, at the Puppet place as his favorite birthday party.  Mr Paul made him feel very special and a little king for the moment, and he liked that.  Mr. Paul's puppet and marionette shows also inspired my children to play with puppets and marionettes at home. At the Drawbridge Puppet Theater everything was so well done for little children to laugh, play and have fun Mr. Paul. Thank you for all of this that you gave to my children!  You will be missed! Our sincerely condolences to the family and close friends.

Ana, Joe, Laura and Lucas Oliveira       09/12/2012
I am so saddened to hear about the passing of Paul.  My children, ages 8 and 10 now, have been regular visitors to the puppet theatre since they were small.  My daughter celebrated her 5th birthday and Paul made sure to make her feel like a queen the whole day. Thank you for all the memories, we will always cherish them.

Kim McNeil          09/12/2012
Paul and Jeff, your amazing talent and dedication for the arts have enriched and amazed the North Central Mass community.  Words can never replace the creativity that was put forth.  May your spirit inspire your castle!

The Aster Family         09/13/2012
My son introduced me to the Drawbridge Puppet theater when we brought my grandson there.  They have gone many times and have enjoyed the productions. A granddaughter was added 3 yrs ago and she also has had the pleasure of seeing the show.  We have also had birthday parties at the theater. We will miss you very much.  I hope Jeff is able to continue on.  If you are unable to find a pupeteer, then I wish you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers.   Dottie Smith  (Devin and Leah Smith)

Dottie Smith           09/17/2012
We had Drawbridge puppet shows at both my old school as well as the school I work in now. Mr. Paul always did such a great job and the kids and staff always enjoyed the show. His memories will live on and he will be forever missed!

Cheryl Martin           09/20/2012
My daughter first started going to the theater last year. The experience she had is priceless. The shows you gave to us will last in our memories forever. Each week she asks about the shows, and we go monthly at least, sometimes twice. I was in theater and briefly in puppetry and I know how valuable these experiences are.  I am so happy for the gift your family has given us and the community. You are truly the gem of Lunenburg, which makes me proud to live in this town. Paul was so loving and kind, and just being in his presence made my child and myself feel happy and loved.i thank you all for the wonderful puppet theater, and look forward to enjoying it in the future. We offer our condolences, and are so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for having such a beautiful impact in our world.

Kim and Julianna       09/22/2012
My daughter, my 15 month old grandson and I thoroughly enjoyed the memorial party.  It was wonderful to see all of the marionettes displayed for all to see.  We loved the special touch of the applesauce.  It is amazing how the performance mesmerizes the children.  My 15 month old grandson was wiggling around on my lap, and making noise while we were waiting for the show to begin - but when it started, he immediately stopped moving, and just stared at the stage with a big smile on his face!  We are soooo sad about Paul, but think it is wonderful that you will be able to continue with this wonderful and unique entertainment.

Marcia Foote (daughter of a puppeteer)        09/24/2012
Several years ago I drove by and noticed the Drawbridge Puppet Theater.  I wasn't even married yet, but I thought this would be such a wonderful place to one day take my children.  I am now married and have 3 year old twin boys.  I had looked forward so much to taking them there, and finally at the age of 18 months they went to their first show. Mr. Paul was simply wonderful, and it was a dream fulfilled for me.  We have been back many times since then, and Mr. Paul always made it enchanting for all of us.  I was so shocked and distressed to learn from my wife that he had passed away. What a loss to us and to the children of the region.  Of course, I will return to the theater, his dreams and mine will live on there, but I will be so sad not to see his smiling face.  May God bless him, and may his memory be a blessing to all of us.

Brad Alpert, M.D.       10/05/2012
We will miss Mr. Paul.  We love going to the theatre.  We live close by and each time we drive by our children ask "What is showing now?"  We anxiously await another puppet show sign to be hanging up...

The Piccirillo Family         10/12/2012
Amen ~ Mr. Jeff has brought back the puppets :D ~ Many weekend at the Theater with my children for wonderful shows and our great friend Willie the Wizard. As a child many memories with my Brother Jason ( Who just passed at 47 to a Glioblastoma brain tumor in Aug. ) and our grandparents and parents... Jason was my only sibling and when I was going through Pictures for his services... xoxo I found several of Whalom and with our favorite Characters... much joy and love came from Mr. Paul to so many children and adults alike.. May he fly high... and continue to bring Joy to all in his next journey of life... May his legacy live on in all of us ~ My sympathies...

Rae Ann Snyder ( Poultney ) & family        11/11/2012
We were so saddened to hear about Mr. Paul.  He was such a sweet and wonderful man.  His vision brought so much joy to so many families.  His place in this world has touched so many lives, and he will never be forgotten.  We feel so honored to have met him, and to have experienced his world with our two girls.  We will always remember his friendly face and kind heart.

The Halliday Family            11/19/2012
We miss Paul greatly.  He was a wonderful neighbor & friend.  We are so glad to hear that the Drawbridge Puppet Theatre is continuing with Jeff.  I'm sure Paul is smiling down at everyone carrying out his vision for the theater & loving that it is continuing to thrive & bring happiness to many children & their families.

Mitchell Family           12/02/2012
The Children's Room at The Billerica Public Library was very saddened to hear of Mr. Paul's passing.  We are delighted to have had Drawbridge Puppets present many years of engaging, enchanting puppet shows to our patrons and we know the wonderful memories of the shows and Mr. Paul's talent will live in the children's minds for years to come.

The Children's Room Staff at the Billerica Public Library          12/12/2012

Hi Paul, we know you are listening. Your memory and work lives on in Jeff, Dale and others who keep the dream alive. The Drawbridge Puppet theater is doing very well bringing wonderful memories to children and adults since your passing. What you and Jeff have started continues on and perhaps, when you swing around again, you can take up the mantle once more bringing
future generations the delights of puppets and the magic of imagination. From JJ, Kim and I: Thank you so very much.

Stephanie, Kim and Julianna        9/19/2013
Recently I was browsing the internet looking for ideas for my son's birthday party this year when I remembered my mom used to have my birthday parties at the Drawbridge Theater. When I was five years old I had my party there and my younger brother had his birthday there too. I had so much fun, and enjoyed the puppets and the stories they told so I thought this would be a perfect party idea for my son. As I was browsing through the website I discovered Paul had passed away. I still remember his voice and I remember him taking me in the back for a tour of the puppets and he taught me how they worked. I admire his dedication to make children happy, it's really admirable. May he rest in peace and his puppetier legion live on! I will see the Drawbridge Theater in the future for my son's parties!

Jessica Simmons                         11/17/2013
I really enjoyed his voice because he just put so much  expression in it and  he was a wonderful man who took good care of the puppet theater.

Olivia Foo                                                                      12/10/2013