(Vocal version)
(Vocal version)
(Instrumental version)
(Instrumental version)
(Sung by Putrina & Briar Rose)
(Sung by Prince Charming)
Putrina:       All pretty clothes that young girls wear
   Don’t grow on hangers,
   appear from thin air.
   They must be woven with loving care.
   Made on a wheel like you see there.

     They come from spinning.
Briar Rose:   Clothes come from spinning?
Putrina:        Yes dearie, spinning.
Briar Rose:   Hmm, spinning.
Putrina:        Spinning! Spinning! Spinning!

   You pretty girl with your figure fair
   Who climbed all the way
                  up the spiral stair
   Could walk back down
   with a gown to wear
   That you’ve spun yourself
   on the wheel right there.

Briar Rose:   I could be spinning?
Putrina:       You could be spinning.
Briar Rose:   I could be spinning.
Putrina:       Yes, child, spinning.
           Spinning! Spinning! Spinning!

There she lays with her head on her pillow
Looking like all my dreams come true.
Suddenly I feel like a hero
Finding the strength to pull me through.

Do I love her? Yes I do.
I know I love her truly.
She’s the one I’ve long pursued.
She’s my sleeping beauty.

In this life you choose what you treasure.
Some choose furs and some choose gold.
But I know these would bring no pleasure
Without this girl I now behold.
Without this girl I now behold.