(Vocal version)
(Vocal version)
(Instrumental version)
(Instrumental version)
(Sung by Mr. Troll & Edmund)
(Sung by Santa & Mr. Troll)
Mr. Troll:    Edmund, get ready, we’re going to town;
  We’re gonna show Santa
  he can’t push us around.
         While he’s checking his list
                 and checking it twice
         we’ll be waiting there like a crack in the ice.

         Oh the Christmas Trolls are coming.
                 Everybody better hide.
                 And when you open up your gifts
                 you’ll find our troll toys inside.

Edmund:    But sir where are your ethics?
          Is this morally right?
          If we do this deed could we sleep at night?

Mr. Troll:    Now listen here Edmund, you’ll do what I say.
  Don’t forget you’re a troll; now act that way!

Both:          Yeah us Christmas trolls are coming.
                 So don’t be too surprised
                 when you open all your gifts
                 and find just troll toys inside.
                 Just troll toys inside.
                 Just troll toys inside.

Santa:       Feel all the magic, it grows week by week.
  It’s all about love. What more could you seek?
        So go dry that tear
  off your poor neighbor’s cheek;
  it’s all in the Christmas season.

Mr. Troll:    Let’s all be festive with twinkling eyes
  that shine like the stars in a clear winter sky.
  And let’s have some turkey
         and let’s have some pie;
  it’s all in the Christmas season.

Both:  Lift your hearts, lift your heads;
                 lift your spirits too.
  Christmas time is here again,
                 it’s here again for you.

Santa: Now join with your families,
          join with your friends;
   let’s all join hands and sing it again.
          It’s been quite a year
          and now here at the end
          rejoice in the Christmas season.