(Vocal version)
(Vocal version)
(Vocal version)
(Instrumental version)
(Instrumental version)
(Instrumental version)
(Sung by the Witch)
Don’t you try to hide ‘cause I’ve
got my evil eye on you now.
With my fingers fully armed
to do the greatest harm they can do now

I’ve got no time for the elegant boot
I’m gonna solve this problem right at the root
By slimming down the ratios
Of weeds to my to-ma-te-os
There’s no more time to argue or dispute.

I’m the wicked witchy weeder.
I’m the foliage depleter. I’m the one.
(Lettuce: Yeah, she’s the one.)

I see that you have spread,
across my garden bed while I’ve been tardy.
So I don’t feel that it’s rash,
to now leap in and crash your garden party.

I get my kicks from kicking saboteurs
Crowding out my peas and cucumbers
Oh you can pray, and you can beg,
Rub against my hairy leg
You’ll still end up a smokin’ black cinder.

I’m the wicked witchy weeder.
I’m a herbicide in sneakers. Yes I am.
(Lettuce: Yes she am!)

So grow and grow. Row by row.
Don’t you know,
you’ll get more than you planned on.
By and by, you will fry, wilt and dry,
with no stem left to stand on.

(Lettuce: Doing it witchy)

I’m the wicked witchy weeder.
The electrified de-seeder. Yes I am.
Rapunzel:She shut me in here
as if I have no human rights
The floors are drafty,
and even worse I’m scared of heights!

Animals:  Poor Rapunzel’s in a fix
Stuck way out here in the sticks
Where she’s kept in secrecy
And there’s no cable TV

Rapunzel:       And all these creatures,
they get to frolic and be free
And just who told them
that they could sing instead of me?

Animals: Poor Rapunzel’s in distress
Her whole life’s one great big mess
Is there no one in the land
Who can lend this girl a hand?

Poor Rapunzel, trapped up in her tower.
Give her a book on feminist power.
It’s no surprise that her attitude is sour.
Rapunzel:       I don’t even get a crummy lunch hour.
Not even a lousy coffee break.

And Auntie’s no help,
she’s never once took out the trash.
Pays me in toadstools.
What good is that? I’d rather cash.

Animals:Poor Rapunzel you’ve been had
     Stolen from your mom and dad
     Don’t you know when you’ve been took?
     Your ol’ Auntie’s just a crook

Rapunzel:     And she’s mean.
Animals:So mean.
Rapunzel:     She’s mean.
Animals:So mean.
Rapunzel:     So me-me-me-me-mean.
Animals:She’s mean.

(Sung by Rapunzel & animal friends)
(Sung by Rapunzel)
(This song is for a version of
"Rapunzel" no longer performed.)
Here by my window I stand and peer
Upon the fawn, the doe and deer
And other beasts who wander near
Free to choose what path they follow

While like a bird whose wing’s struck lame
I pine for flight yet here remain
High in this stony nest drab and plain
Sighing sad and hollow

I don’t know what I’m gonna do, though I wonder
If only someone heard my plea
Perhaps they’d help me find my way out yonder
And I could finally be free