(Vocal version)
(Vocal version)
(Instrumental version)
(Instrumental version)
(Sung by the Genie)
(Sung by Princess Iris)
I am the genie of the lamp.
If you need genies I’m the champ.
I’ve got the magic touch.
I come through in the clutch.
Anything you wish, I can accomplish,
with just a swish, a swish of my hand.

I’ve got the winning attitude.
I never pout, I never brood.
I’m only here to serve
my master’s every word.
So go ahead and ask,
assign me to a task,
and all your dreams,
your dreams will all come true.

Another tear falls in the pond.
Another happy ending gone.
I’ve got my reasons for crying so;
for letting all my heartache show.

So one more tear falls in the pond.
I don’t know how I can go on.
I’ve lost my reason to laugh and smile,
so let me cry for just a while.

I love you my Aladdin.            
I think you probably see.
Love you so much it’s maddening.
With you Aladdin, I can’t be.
No with Aladdin, I can’t be.