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(Vocal version - 'June')
(Instrumental version)
(Vocal version)
(Instrumental version)

On the savannah they call me the king
And yield to my mighty roar.
And when I say do … HA! … they run to do
And never stop to ask what for.

So bow my minions, your king is here
I'll not negotiate.
Tear up those ballots if you please.
There'll be no rival candidate.
No rival candidate.

Check out my shoulders, so wide and strong.
My feet powerful and fleet.
I can jump, I can pounce, I can touch my nose
I'm a natural athelete.

Praise your good fortune, your king is here.
I'll be staying for some time.
Though some may pray for my health to fray
I'm feeling rather fine.
I'm really feeling fine

I'm really great now.
I do mean great
Can’t overstate how
I’m truly great!

(Sung by the Lion)
Oh what a lovely sunny day.
The kind you wish would always stay.
The air so fresh and clean
The grass all turning green
It makes me want to sing and play.

The scent of flowers on the breeze.
The gentle buzz of honey bees
These sights and sounds appeal
to me, they are ideal.
And help to put my mind at ease. It's June!

Another month has now arrived.
A perfect time to be alive.
And even when it storms
the rain is always warm
and as it splashes it revives.

So I will click my happy heels
And I will voice how my heart feels
Oh what a shame to lose
One moment unamused
In nature’s carnival of thrills.  August!
(Sung by the Grasshopper)
Hare:I’ve been north. I’ve been south. I’ve been east and west.
But I’d get nowhere I must confess
If I had to trail behind the likes of you.
Tortoise:  Oh I know that I’m slow but I get where I’m going to.

Hare:You move like your pants are full of lead.
You’re a disgrace to the pace of quadrupeds.
You should have stayed home; yeah, home in bed.
Tortoise:   Oh I know that I’m slow but I keep a steady tread.

Hare: I’m so much faster than you.
Tortoise:   You’re much more boastful, it’s true.

Hare: I travel further in an hour than you do in a day.
Tortoise:    I get to many places in my own way.
Hare:  If I were your gym coach I’d be ashamed!
Tortoise:    I know that I’m slow but I keep truckin’ just the same.

Hare: I’m so much faster than you.
Tortoise:   You’re much more boastful, it’s true.

(Sung by the Tortoise & the Hare)
(Vocal version - 'August')