Drawbridge Puppet Theater is happy to announce our first ever 'Hands-Free' Scavenger Hunt. Spring is definitely here and our Garden Gnome is up and about after his long winter's sleep. He surprised us this year by arriving with six very unusual plants he brought from his personal garden in Gnome Land. Since we'd like to show off these unusual additions to the Enchanted Garden, we decided what better way than allowing our fans an opportunity to get some fresh air and scout them out with a Fantasy Flower Scavenger Hunt.

The rules for the scavenger hunt are as follows. It'll take place entirely outside in the Enchanted Garden. Visits for the Scavenger Hunt must be scheduled beforehand. To do so simply call or email us with the day and time you'd like to come. Our contact info is below. Appointments will be made on the hour (11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM, etc.) Groups must consist of 9 people or less. We suggest each group bring their own pen and paper. Gloves and masks will not be supplied, but anyone may bring them if they wish. The full clue sheet is available on this page below, and accessible through your smart phone. We'll have a print-out clue sheet available as well. Anyone 17 or under will receive a free sunflower as their prize for participating. The Scavenger Hunt is free, though monetary contributions are welcome from those who'd like to share what they can. We hope to do different scavenger hunts each month throughout the spring and summer.

At this time each group is allowed 30 minutes per visit. If you finish the Hunt before then you're
welcome to stay for the full half hour. No other group will be in the gardens during your visit.

PHONE: 978-582-1578
EMAIL: drawbridgetheater@gmail.com
1) Read the plant description below and look at the picture.
2) Use the Helpful Hint to find the plant.
3) Write down the Secret Word you find next to each of the six Gnome plants.
4) Find as many of the six plants as you can. When finished bring your answer     sheet back to the theater lobby.
5) Receive your sunflower prize.

This shrub is named for its fiery red spike-like flowers which - when the conditions are right - burst into flame spontaneously. This is known to cause great heartburn to those who ingest it during these cycles. Don't panic however, as this destructive plant is known to do this only one day a year. We'd like to help you out by letting you know which day that is, but unfortunately we don't remember. Oh well, good luck!

HELPFUL HINT: This shrub attracts Brontosauruses

Known for its distinctive prickly look, the whiskers are said to be be quite itchy to the plant, causing it to become very irritable. This itchiness (and irritability) ends once the whiskers grow to a certain length, though this length varies per plant. If you come across one that growls, snaps or engages in any such threatening behavior, the best known repellent is a full can of shaving cream.

HELPFUL HINT: This plant attracts Grasshoppers

Botanists note that when all the drooping branches on this eye-catching plant extend to the ground, and all the purple petals touch the soil simultaneously, than this surprising bush dons a top hat and cane, and breaks out into song singing "I'm a Yankee Doddle Dandy." Which is especially odd given that its native habitat is Outer Mongolia.

HELPFUL HINT: This bush attracts Sheep and Blue Sharks

This tree is easily identified by the star-shaped patterns on its circular buds. Though striking, it's not recommended for illuminated gardens, for its been discovered that when the spotlight hits it the buds spin on their stems, creating a spellbinding effect which hypnotizes the observer into thinking they have incredible talent. This tree is especially popular in Hollywood.

HELPFUL HINT: This tree attracts Ants

Though not the most attractive of plants, this small bush has an IQ higher than most humans. Its leaves, when steamed to the right tenderness, are said to taste like blackberry jam, and impart to the eater the ability to recite the complete Encyclopedia Britannica off the top of their head. If not steamed correctly, however, the person just retches for a few minutes and spits it out.

HELPFUL HINT: This bush attracts Frogs with Yellow Bibs

This enterprising specimen actually engages in its own gardening - digging up pesky weeds growing within reach of its trusty shovel. It also beautifies itself by collecting basket fulls of pretty petals. The cone hat (on display here) is often mistaken as being part of the plant itself. It isn't. For the truth is the hats are purchased by the plants themselves from Green & Thumbs Haberdashery, an establishment which specializes in head gear for fashionable vegetation. It should be noted that Mexican variants of the Gardener Plant wear sombreros, while the Texas variety prefer Stetsons.

HELPFUL HINT: This plant attracts Piggy Banks
Missy is a five-year old border collie who loves to greet visitors to the Drawbridge Puppet Theater. You might meet her during your scavenger hunt as she's very curious and very friendly. Sometimes so curious and friendly she'll jump in the back seat of your car. So it's always wise to make sure your doors are fully shut when Missy is around, especially if your picnic lunch is in there. Sometimes Missy thinks she's a kangaroo so don't be afraid to tell her 'No" or "Down" if she's jumping too much. Though excited initially Missy will calm down after a while, and who knows might even help you with your Scavenger Hunt - though usually only if Doggy Treats are one of the hidden items.