Help make Drawbridge Puppet Theater more successful
- and earn money doing it!

The Drawbridge Theater is currently looking for people who'd like to find us additional venues for our traveling shows. These venues could be schools, libraries, fairs, summer camps, any location that might be in need of a professional puppet production. The shows offered will be our full 45-minute marionette or hand puppet productions. The show choices, as well as space requirements, will be provided; or can be easily found on our Traveling Show webpage. (The link is below.)

How it works: Booking Agents would search out and contact suitable locations they believe fit the traveling show requirements. They'd provide the basic information (though Drawbridge will certainly be available to answer any detailed questions) and if a booking results, the Agent would receive their commission following the performance. The amount of the commission can be anywhere from zero to fifty dollars, depending entirely on how much the Agent wants to charge. The cost of this commission will be added to the normal Drawbridge traveling show price of $350 for a hand puppet performance, and $400 for a marionette performance. So, for example, if a marionette show is booked at a school through an Agent, and the Agent wishes the maximum commission of $50.00, the price quoted to and paid by that school would be $450.00 ($400 to Drawbridge and $50 to the Agent.) Again, the Agent may opt to charge less for a commission. It would be entirely up to them.

No experience is necessary. You make your own hours and set your own pace. There's no pressure, no quota. To begin, just register with Drawbridge and you can start anytime. Interested parties may email us at, or call us at 978-582-1578.
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