Here's yet another reason to look forward to warm weather. Drawbridge Theater is offering a special $40.00 discount for birthday parties (or any private event) that are celebrated during the months of May, June, July or August, 2020 - if the party is booked (and deposit received) by March 19th. This means a two-hour party can be hosted for as little as $210 (if you choose the show of the month) or $235 (if you prefer an alternate title.) That's a great bargain! And of course the Enchanted Garden will be available during those months as well for you and your guests to enjoy.

Please note: This bargain rate won't be automatically granted. To receive your $40.00 discount you must mention this offer at the time of the booking. Offer ends March 19th.

For general information on our Birthday Parties, including show selections, please click the button below.